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Woodland Witchery Studio is your home to find handcrafted woodland jewelry, home décor, and accessories.

Made with love and a little magic 

Why Choose Us?

I have been an artist/maker for as long as I can remember. I wasn't delt the best hand when it came to family, so I was often on my own creating art and writing stories. 

For most of my life I've suffered from severe anxiety and depression, making working outside of the home nearly impossible. In 2009 after my son was born, I decided to try selling the jewelry I was making back then. My main objective was to earn a little something while still being at home with my child and being a mother first. Now that he's older, I decided to keep going. 

Over the years, my style and products have evolved. I moved from what was popular and selling well for others to products and designs that came from my heart, even if they weren't entirely mainstream. I'm very fond of being in nature; going on hikes, kayaking, and camping have become my favorite forms of self care. I became absolutely fascinated with mushrooms and lichen, ferns and mosses and all of the tiny things deep in the woods.

In my late 30s, we discovered that most of my childhood diagnoses were not correct. All of my anxiety was caused by untreated ADD. Now that I know, I'm working hard to navigate how my brain works and live the most productive life possible. However, this also means I become very focused on a certain hobby/medium for a period of time and then move on to another. I create so many different things out of so many different mediums it's incredibly difficult for me to answer the question "So what do you make?"

The best answer, is that I make what makes my heart sing at that point in time. Sometimes that's embroidering intricate lichen scenes, other times it's sculpting mushrooms out of polymer clay and making lamps. If I'm not completely loving what I'm making, it shows. Therefore, every item I sell has a sliver of my heart. You're not just buying a product, you're buying a piece of my soul. 

These dice are insane! I am so blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of this set. They are so incredibly unique. My husband legitimately thought they were real agates and I honestly had to do a double take and recheck the listing to confirm they’re resin. They look and feel just like a gemstone set. I’m so beyond impressed and they are perfect for my Druid! Can’t wait to roll and highly recommend this maker!

These are even cuter in person! They arrived in a most adorable box! My daughter loves them!

so darling! i’ve always been so happy with purchases from this shop!

About Us

Heather Derryberry

store owner


Thanks for visiting my shop!

I have been an artist/maker for the majority of my life. I have always been happiest when I've been able to create something beautiful.

I also have a deep passion for being in nature; it's where I have always felt the most at peace. A few years ago, I decided to try creating the things I found in nature to be wearable, functional art. And a small business was born.

All of my products are created by hand, and assembled by me.

I personally hand forage, sculpt, cut, sew, bead, paint, cast, embroider, felt and tool burn each piece lovingly in my in-home studio.

All of my items are created in my pet friendly home, and while I do my best to inspect every piece, some pet hair may slip though undetected.

Due to the organic matter in my resin pieces, please understand they will very slightly.  


Most of my products are only available online.

However, I do attend many craft fairs locally where you can come buy  in person. Please follow my social media pages for updates on those events


Marshfield Missouri